6 Reasons Why You Should Never Fall In Love With A Married Man

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It’s true we don’t choose who we fall in love with but we sometimes can’t help it even though our minds tell us the person we’ve fallen for is wrong for us. A lot of women find themselves in a situation where they are in love with a married man. A lot of the times they feel there’s no way they can stop themselves from feeling the way they’re feeling but there are things you can tell yourself that can make you realise the folly of getting hooked with a married man.

You need to realise that it’s not acceptable to fall for a married man because it is bad for your mental health as you’d likely feel depressed in time. It can also prevent you from getting the person you should someday get married to. Truth is some of these reasons may sound harsh, but you’d be happy for it on the long run as falling in love with a married man requires much more than your feelings for consideration.

He Will Never Leave His Wife For You
9 out of 10 times, a married man will never leave his wife for you. He may tell you a lot of the time that he will but the odds of that happening is extremely limited. Stop wasting your time waiting for him.

You Want Him because He’s Taken
It could be that you’re attracted to this person because you can’t have him. This phenomenon is common when people find out that someone they are a little bit attracted to is married. For reasons unknown, the fact that they are taken triggers attraction in some people which may make them fall in love. This could likely be the case for you as you may just want him simply because he’s someone you can’t have. That’s surely not a way to put an end to his marriage, is it?


He Doesn’t Love You
You’ve invested a lot of time and energy in thinking and building your emotions for him in hope that he will do the same. Ask yourself how much of time and emotions he has invested in you. How sure are you that he cares or that he’s just not using you to satisfy a desire. Don’t waste your time and energy if he’s married. Move on to other single guys out there.

He’s Not The One For You
You’re likely blind to the truth that the two of you are not the best of matches. He’s practically not the one for you simply because he has found someone he vowed to spend the rest of his life with while you on the other hand are still on the lookout for yours. Know that he’s not the one for you and go on to make something wonderful of your life.

You Will Always Be The Other Woman
Truth is you will never be anything more than the other woman. And if he does leave his wife for you, you’d be nothing more than the woman he left his wife and family for. The people he loves and respects will never think of you as anything more than that. This will likely cause riffs between him and his friends and family with him taking a side. But is that really how you want to live your married life?

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The End Is Usually Terrible
So, you love him. Next he leaves his wife and gets married to you. Then you live happily ever after. Really? This is the scenario that will likely play out. You tell him you love him, he pretends to love you to get you in his bed. His wife will get suspicious and he will break things up with you to keep his home. And you’d end up lonely and heartbroken. Is that what you really want?


Think twice.



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