50 Cent Says Instagram Money Is Fake

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50 Cent to explain Instagram photos

50 Cent says Instagram money is fake – Rapper 50 Cent has responded to a judge’s inquiry into the money he flaunts on his Instagram page, saying it’s all fake.

50 Cent says Instagram money is fake
50 Cent says Instagram money is fake

50 Cent had been ordered by Judge Ann Nevins to explain the source of the money, after it was brought to her notice by Lastonia Leviston, whom Fifty owes $5 million after he lost a lawsuit.

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In the pictures, 50 Cent shows off huge stacks of money, spelling out ‘BROKE’ in one and showing off a fridge full of money in another.

Nevins had been asked to review 50 Cent’s assets over fears that he may be hiding money, but 50 responded that the money was all props and that he was just hiding assets.



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