5 Things You Do In The Morning That Can Ruin Your Day

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It’s easy to relate to situations that cause crappy days. We make a lot of health related mistakes that leads to us having a bad day. Most of the time, the stuff we do are unintentional but still have the potential to mess us up. Here are five things we do that can ruin our day and ways we can fix them to have a happy day.

You Didn’t Drink Water
Failing to drink water in the morning means that your body will be struggling to stay hydrated all day. The more you’re dehydrated, the more likely that you’d feel tired, confused and in a bad mood.

Taking enough water in the morning can do a lot to make you feel strong, energetic, sharper and happier during the activities of the day. Your aim should be to take at least 2 cups of water in the morning to keep your body well hydrated for the day’s activities.

You Exercised on an Empty Stomach

According to a research conducted in Britain, exercising on an empty stomach can make you feel tired and sour for the rest of the day. The researchers also found out that men did better at their tasks and had an overall better mood when they ate before a morning workout session than they did if they skipped meals.

It is essential you eat a healthy breakfast to provide your body with the energy it needs to function properly for the rest of the day. A healthy meal should normally be rich in carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins to provide your body with the resources it needs.

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Your Room Lacks Sun Rays
If you wake up to hit the road before the sun comes out, chances are you won’t get to see the light of the day until later in the day. According to a research conducted at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, missing out on early morning sun rays can have a negative effect on your body mass index. The study found out that people who got exposed to sun rays after noon had much higher BMIs than people who got exposed to sunshine in the morning.

As such, exposure to about 30 minutes of natural sunlight in the morning can help to control and regulate your energy level, appetite, and metabolism. If you’re the type that leaves for work early, ensure you let the sun shine in on weekends. You can also try to do lots of outdoor activities in the morning.

You Get Stuck In Traffic

One Swedish study found out that the way commute to work can have a huge impact on how the rest of your day goes. Spending a long time in traffic can make you miserable which can influence how happy you’d be for the rest of the day.

Your daily trip to work is important because it prepares you for the day and acts as some sort of buffer between the life you left at home and the one you’re going to meet at work. As such, you can boost your mood in traffic by entertaining yourself with music and hilarious videos.

You Skipped Proteins

Taking oats or cornflakes in the morning is enough to hold you up till lunchtime before getting a rich protein meal. A recent research at the University of Texas however says that following this routine is a bad way to build your muscles. The study found that people who ate protein as part of their 3 square meals had a 25 percent higher muscle protein synthesis rate than people who ate the same amount of protein, but had the bulk of it at dinner.

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Proteins are important as the body uses it to repair muscles. As such, your protein intake should be spaced out evenly to maximise the body’s ability to make use of it. Eat boiled eggs alongside your oats to provide your body with sufficient proteins in the morning.



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