5 Simple Ways To Make Networking A Success

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Networking, is something every business owner should do. Whether through business associations or other means, networking has been proven over the years to be the most prevalent and cost effective way for small and large businesses to attract new and repeated sales.

How can you make it work for your business? Here are five (5) simple tips to get you started:

Actively participate in some key associations or organizations.

When you identify an association that you want to be part of, go to meetings as often as possible and work on one or two committees.  The major goal is to be the first person everyone remembers and suggests when others ask, for example “Do you know anyone who….”

Get to events, seminars to meet up with people.

Going out and associating with people also grows your network of connections. But, note that you can’t meet and talk to people while a meeting is in progress. So, make sure you wait till everybody is in a less serious mood to meet with them. If you spend too much time with any one person, you can’t meet others. When you finally meet up with a prospective client, check out the 3rd step on this article on ways to keep them.

Follow up on leads.

All the leads in the world are worthless if you don’t follow up on them. Make that phone call or send the information you promised.  All thanks to several social media app out there, that have made it easy for people to follow up on their leads. Take for instance, some features that comes with the new Palmchat 5.2, that allows users sync the app with their phone book seamlessly to connect with both existing friends and new contacts. With the contacts’ phone number synched with the app, you can easily be in touch with any lead. Click the link  to download the new Palmchat 5.2


Share business tips, referrals and leads with non-competitors.

This is very important, don’t be selfish with any information that could help a non-competitor. You’ll be remembered for your help, and may get business or referrals as a result later on. You win in another way, too. Helping others become successful is as rewarding as being successful yourself.

Check on people you met before

Always check on the people you have met in the past. Whether, they are immediate clients or not because you can never tell where you might meet them again. Ask about their well-being and business. Also, congratulate them on any recent successes they’ve had. Sales grow out of relationships, and this is a good way to establish relationships with key contacts and prospects.



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