5 Fun Things To Do During An All Girls Night-in

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It’s fun going out with your friends of the same sex but deciding to stay in can be a little be boring. More so, going out with your besties can drill a large hole in your wallet and drain much of your energy.

Furthermore, there are events or occasions that may require you to have an all girls night in such as an all girls sleep over or a bachelorrette.

Here are 5 fun ideas that will make you all crave for more.

Classic Games
Picture a tipsy game night and all you’d be able to see fun with a twist. Get the wines out and spice up the atmosphere with games that are easily accessible. Cards, poker or even ‘truth or dare’ will bring unimaginable fun as you can bare it all to your besties.

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Cooking Challenge
Cooking challenge with your girls is one fun thing everyone will enjoy doing. Simply get recipes of foods you all have never cooked before and assign one recipe to each person.

While the cooking is ongoing, be sure to have cold drinks handy and a nice song playlist playing in the background. This will surely make the night fun and you can have everyone vote for whose meal tasted best anonymously.

Dress Swap
You could inform your friends before hand of what you intend to do. Have you and your friends get all their old clothes, shoes and accessories into a laundry basket. You can then go ahead and play a game of dress swap.

You can get one of your friends who is an expert at makeup to tutor your other friends on your night in. If not, you can get makeup tapes or have you and your friends watch directly from YouTube. You can have fun by choosing the hardest makeup routine to make and recreate the looks on one another so face. There would be a lot of laughter from fun you’re bound to poke at one another.

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Netflix And Chill With The Girls
To think of it, watching a movie with your besties seems mundane but remains an eternal classic thing to do if you know exactly what to do. Get enough popcorn that will be enough for the whole crew with chocolates, peanuts and/or chips that can go around. Add some drinks and wine to the mix to spice up the girly mood. Get a stack of movies or simply obtain new ones from Netflix. Be sure that you have enough data if you’re streaming directly from the site. This will take your movie night to a whole new level.

You don’t have to stick to the same old routine for your all girls day by hanging out at a fun spot or doing the same movie thing indoors. Make your nights with your besties as memorable as it can be with these awesome ideas.



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