5 Amazing Benefits Of Having Sex While Pregnant

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You are not exactly at your sexiest during pregnancy, as a matter of fact being sexy during this period is not a goal. You tend to get cranky, emotions go crazy at the slightest provocation.

And while this might not be the most fantastic period to think about sex, the amazing benefits- physical and emotional- that comes with having sex while pregnant will want to make you think it through.

Check out some reasons why sex during pregnancy is good for you;


This reason alone is enough to make you think this twice.  During pregnancy, blood flow to the genitals increases, making them more sensitive and the body also releases oxytocin – the love hormone which helps intensify your sexual desire.

The combination of increased blood flow and hormones can lead to orgasmic pleasures you’ve never experienced before. Most women experience a real orgasm for the first time during pregnancy.


Sex on a normal day relaxes the body and mind which in turn helps you sleep like a baby. For pregnant women whose condition comes with insomnia, this is a perfect way to tackle it. The added benefit of this is the rhythmic rocking motion of your lovemaking lulls your baby to sleep, too.


It is believed that oxytocin- the love hormone- increases pain tolerance by 74% so that’s another reason to try sex while pregnant. Some Doctors even recommend this so the birthing process can be made easy and swift.


High blood pressure during pregnancy can lead to a condition known as preeclampsia, which is very dangerous for both the mom and the baby so since research has shown that sex helps to reduce blood pressures, I see no reason why you won’t want to indulge.


Having sex is the most fun way to keep fit, burn calories and give your body a great workout. You tend to burn 50 calories or more in 30 minutes of love-making.



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