4-Year-Old Sexually Abuses Fifteen Of His Classmates

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Odious 4 Year-Old Sexually Abuses Fifteen Toddlers 

A south-Australian mother of a young boy has openly claimed her son’s kindergarten four year old classmate sexually molested her son and fourteen others.

The woman who cannot be named told Aussie media: ‘In May last year, My child was repeatedly abused and it was ignored.  Staff failed to recognize the boy’s behavior as abusive – despite claims of oral and anal abuse – and the education department subsequently swept it under the carpet’.

According to the mother, the issue had been brought to the school’s notice previously at which they had promised to have a look at it as the child in question ‘was being monitored’ but nothing was done.

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4 Year-Old Sexually Abuses Fifteen Classmates

She said: ‘I went to work and received a call about 2.30PM saying my child was hysterical and the teacher was unable to calm him down and there had been another incident. What my child disclosed has haunted our family ever since’.

The distressed mother doesn’t blame the odious toddler or his family, she blames the education department ‘for not handling the situation well’.

A meeting was held, February, and in attendance was over two-hundred people to deliberate on ‘child-on-child abuse’ which stems from an ‘increased availability of online pornography’, according to experts.

Emeritus professor in Child development, Freda Briggs submitted a proposal on ‘the impact online pornography is having on school aged children’.

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4 Year-Old Sexually Abuses Fifteen Classmates

The note to the senate referenced the deplorable case of the four year-old. It read:

The boy allegedly sexually assaulted a number of other children in his kindergarten class last year both at school and in after-school care, which Professor Briggs claims was dismissed by staff despite being re-enacted by other students.

Staff allegedly ignored anal and oral sex accompanied by threats and secrecy, dismissing it as ‘normal developmentally ­appropriate behavior.

The young victims involved were removed from the kindergarten while the school was forced to hire a full-time minder for the student involved at ‘considerable cost to the tax payer’.

Parents of the young victims, who were forced to enroll in a kindergarten 240 kilometers away, urged the school to expel the perpetrator until he was deemed safe by a therapist but manger from the Department of Education said he could not force the boy’s parents to get him treatment.

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4 Year-Old Sexually Abuses Fifteen Classmates

A spokesman for the South Australian Department for Education and Child Development said : ‘The incident was being investigated by senior staff who have also been working closely with the families involved. The department treats inappropriate sexualized behaviors with the utmost seriousness and any incidents of this kind are investigated and managed directly by senior staff. The welfare of the children remains our priority. The department will continue to offer support to them and the broader community on an ongoing basis’. 

The spokesperson also added : ‘The department has been working with Professor Briggs who endorses the state mandated child protection curriculum that is undertaken by students in each year level up to year ten’.

Professor Briggs corrected those who had the impression that ‘this is an isolated incident’,  saying that this type of behavior is ‘typical of what is happening elsewhere’.

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