360BeautyNews: We Love Polo Avenue Luxury Store and its Fragrance Bar (Photos)

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On the 18th of February through a press conference, luxury retail accessories store, Polo Avenue launched its latest addition to the luxury store, a fragrance bar for both men and women.

The fragrance bar isn’t going to be dedicated to carrying luxury designer scents only but also assisting customers to discover a whole new range of scents with their preferred notes alongside some of the best accessories in season. So, yes, an experience of the best new fragrances in season as released by perfume houses worldwide would be provided by the long standing luxury retail store. Exclusive fragrances to Polo Avenue only would also be available in the coming months making the luxury retail store your one stop place for your favourite high end accessories and perfumes. 

Currently the Polo Avenue fragrance bar carries fragrances from well known perfumers Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Lancôme, Viktor & Rolf, Polo and YSL.

According the Executive Director, Jennifer Obayuwana during the press conferenceWe decided to add these lovely range of fragrances to our retail platform to give our customers a chance to buy and discover their favourite scents which are usually hard to find in Nigeria”. 

Here are some images from the Polo Avenue’s Fragrance Bar.

Polo Avenue Nigeria_Fragrance Bar_01_360nobs Polo Avenue Nigeria_Fragrance Bar_03_360nobs Polo Avenue Nigeria_Fragrance Bar_04_360nobs Polo Avenue Nigeria_Fragrance Bar_06_360nobs   Polo Avenue Nigeria_Fragrance Bar_12_360nobs Polo Avenue Nigeria_Fragrance Bar_11_360nobs  

For more information on the new fragrance bar and Polo avenue’s seasonal new stock, kindly visit www.pololuxury.com

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