3 Sexual Acts Feminists Have Issues With

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3 Sexual Acts Feminists Have Issues With

Feminism is the new fad in town which encourages women emancipation and gender equality.

Some new and longterm Feminists may however have a problem of reconciliation with their idea of feminism and their beliefs in who the ideal feminist should be. As a matter of fact, some feminists have been known to suffer guilt as regards their sexual tastes and preferences. This is because there is no human irrespective of gender, race, talent or thought processes that doesn’t like to get complimented.

Getting compliments regarding your sexual tastes doesn’t make you less of a feminist, neither does enjoying a particular sex style. The exact same thing goes for having men hold the door for you and picking the bills when you go out.

Here are three sexual acts some feminists may find themselves confused about and why they shouldn’t be.

Quite a number of feminists believe that their men want the doggystyle simply because they do not care about seeing their faces. This belief is further enhanced with the thought that men can sleep with anything, no matter how old or bad they look as far as they can go on all fours.

This is however not true, given the fact that a lot of women enjoy this style because it helps to tingle the G-spot. If as a feminist you’re bothered with the idea of total submission, domination and a lack of connection, you can always try to change the style. You can employ the use of a sex toy or consider having the doggystyle in front of a mirror. This can make you both feel a sense of connection.

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Blowjobs are another thing that’s confusing for feminists when it comes to sex styles. Some feminists will rather follow the route of not giving at all or giving to get one in return. Porn may be blamed for this, giving the fact that it portrays women as objects that love and enjoy being choked, slapped and abused during the process of oral sex. This appears confusing as feminists want equality with men and not bowing down to a male-dominated world and yet oral sex wants them to do just that.

But you’re not making a porno movie and neither are the women in the movies depicting a real couple. The people in the movie are not in love with each other nor do they care about respecting themselves. The oral sex process of porn is mostly different from what it is in reality.

If you have a man that respects you in and out of the bedroom, oral sex shouldn’t be something the both of you should nag about. If you really love your partner, you’d be willing to give him immense pleasure as much as he’s willing to give you too. Giving and getting oral sex should not be degrading in any way. It’s supposed to be a nice and pleasurable experience which shouldn’t make you feel less of a feminist. It should instead make you a loving girlfriend.

BDSM is a variety of erotic practices or roleplaying involving bondage, dominance, submission, and sadomasochism. It can be difficult for feminists to agree with the fetishes of their men especially when it comes to filthy sex talks, domination, bondage, and rough sex. A lot of feminists struggle with BDSM because they find it difficult to relate being strong empowered females and yet still wanting to be dominated in the bedroom. It is even more heightened when it comes to dirty talk or being forcefully held down and espousing gender equality.

Pleasure is however totally healthy and natural. Feminism is about having the right to choose and if BDSM, sex acts and role-play is what you and your partner agree to, enjoy it. It is entirely your choice if you prefer to be a stay-at-home mother who prefers traditional sex styles, or one that wants to be spanked and tied up. There’s no point in judging yourself or other feminists for their sexual choices.

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Have at the back of your mind that feminism is an ideology, not a person. It is supposed to be upheld by your thoughts not the actions in the bedroom. As long as you and your partner consent to any act and mutually respect each other, your sexual preferences should be nobody’s business but yours.



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