2016 World Happiness Report: Nigeria Ranked 103rd Happiest Country

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2016 World Happiness Report – The 4th annual United Nations World Happiness Report was released on on Wednesday.

2016 World Happiness Report: Denmark tops for third time
2016 World Happiness Report: Denmark tops for third time

Denmark, who were ranked top in 2012 and 2013, were once again ranked the happiest nation in the world. In comparison, Burundi was ranked the least happiest country in the world.

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Switzerland was a close second, with Iceland, Norway and Finland rounding out the top 5. Benin, Afghanistan, Togo & Syria are the other countries in the bottom five.

The highest ranked African country was Algeria, who were ranked 38th. Nigeria was ranked 103rd, which exactly isn’t a surprise considering the fuel and power struggles the country has been plagued with.



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