20 Year-Old Female Shoots Driver After Pulling Out Weapon From Her Underwear

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female shoots

Female shoots rival after pulling gun she had hidden

Tagged brazen-shooter by Detroit police, an African-American woman pulled a weapon from her underpants at a Mobil gas station in Detroit at 4:30 am and aimed at another driver.

Project Green Light which is a new-surveillance initiative sends high-definition footage directly to police. It captured the entire event.

The CCTV footage showed the girl collecting a gun from another car with a group of men in it. She’s the only female there. She collects the gun, walks to another car and shoves the man previously talking to the driver off before opening fire.

The driver tries to escape and a third person who was also next to the driver’s door got overrun by the car. The 27 year-old man behind the wheels was hindered from driving off as a body had gotten overrun by him in the chaos. The shooter released sporadic shots aimed at the driver.

Police are confident the rival driver will live.

Detroit police is grateful to the Project Green Light for having the high definition images from the shooting on Sunday. They added that the images helped find the suspect very quickly.

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Detroit Police Chief James Craig said : ”Within two hours of getting the images to the media, we had the female suspect in custody”.

Chief Craig said someone recognized her and called police while she was driving about a mile away from her home. Her name is still being withheld.

Detroit Police Sgt. Michael Woody of Project Green Light stated, “Huge success, exactly what we had hoped for. We’re going to see you, and we’re going to see you clearly.”

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The Project Green Light program started in January. It costs around $5,000 for business to equip themselves with the cameras.

The robbery occurred at the Mobil gas station located at 15510 Fenkell Ave. on Detroit’s west side, which is also one of eight Project Green Light gas stations.

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