15 Questions That Will Get Your Date Reeling With Laughter

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15 Questions That Will Get Your Date Reeling With Laughter

A good sense of humour and the ability to make her laugh is one of the things that can get a woman to warm up to you.

Every woman loves a good sense of humor and it can be difficult to deliver lines that will get her amused. You can choose to go for the conventional tried and tested jokes but women don’t usually want a completely comical date.

The best approach to follow is to ask her questions that will help relive personal experiences or questions that will put her in humorous situations where she can relax.

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As such, we’ve searched for 15 Questions That can help you in your quest to get her reeling with laughter.

If I walked in on you masturbating, would you stop or continue?
This question is hilarious and embarrassing to say the least. It will definitely bring up funny and saucy answers.

If you had the power to be invisible, what would you do?
Whatever the answers to this question is, it is definitely going to be hilarious.

What is your most embarrassing sexual moment?
Embarrassing moments are always funny no matter which angle you’re looking at it from. Even when they’re personally embarrassing, it is still funny if you tell it in the right environment.

What funny things have happened to you?
You can take it a notch higher by asking which is the funniest. You can then sit back and watch how her story amuses her. You should also share the funny moment with her.

Who’s the weirdest person you’ve ever had a crush on?
This question is best asked when you both have developed some level of trust in each other. Everyone has some story about some weirdo they once had a crush on and the embarrassment that comes with it can lead to much laughter.

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Do you think you’d know if I was feeling horny?
This question actually directs fun at yourself and she will enjoy being proud of her ability to detect these mundane things. This will even bring up a gender battle that will result in laughter.

Who would you rather have sex with?
This question requires you give her choices that are objectionable and maybe even gross. Go ahead and ask them if they had no choice but to have sex between the individuals you chose, who would it be? Tell her to give reasons for her answers and watch you and her hold back bursts of laughter.

How Would you describe yourself, Naughty or Gentle?
She will likely think deeply about this question and the humour will only come out when you press her to be more specific in justifying her answer. You’d have her laughing at her thoughts in no time.

What would you say are the best and worst things about being a woman?
This question is bound to be some flak and jibes at you for being a man. But don’t worry, let her unburden her mind to you as you show her you’re the type of man that can enjoy a joke at your own expense.

What habit do you hate most in a boyfriend?
She will likely bring up a list of what she detests from an ex boyfriend. And in truth, horrors from the past can bring a lot of amusing stories for now and the future.

If you barged in on me naked, what’s the first thing you’d look at?
The question itself elicits laughter and will surely push her to be creative with her answer. A good way to getting the laughter flowing.

What’s the worst thing someone has walked in on you doing?
She most likely won’t tell you the truth if you’re in the early dating stages with her. When she does eventually open up, your both will be reeling in laughter.

If I could read your mind, what would I hear?
This question will bring out her creative side and the answer could normally range from embarrassing to downright offensive.

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What’s your wildest sexual fantasy?
This question is as naughty as it gets and it could actually be very funny too.

The good thing about this is that you’re both allowed to get as silly as you can on this one. It is however dependent on the kind of sense of humour she has. In all, you’re guaranteed an evening of laughter.



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