10 Trending American Rappers That M.I Is Undoubtedly Better Than

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M.I has sparked off a conversation on social media about a lot of Nigerian rappers (he, inclusive ) being better than their American counterparts.

There has been a split over this opinion with a lot of arguments across the table. We agree with most of the arguments and we decided to present 10 rappers we are sure M.I. himself is way better than.

10. Young Thug

No one seems to know what Thugger Thugger says, but somehow this rapper person is constantly playing on Urban video channels. Young Thug’s rap sounds like the slur of a drug-induced person suffering from speech defect.

When you finally gather the courage to check what he is saying on Rap Genius, you get hit by lines like,

“MY DIAMONDS, THEY SAY PIKACHU…they say pikachu…I’m a boss I walk through the club and just peek at you”

9. French Montana

For the life of me, it beats me how French Montana got signed. The only plausible explanation is that he comes from a wealthy background which helps him mix with A listers.

French Montana’s music is simply about bringing hot artists together – one lays the hook while the others spit hot verses. French delivers in dropping the anticlimax of the song and it ends.

With Diddy’s backing and Rick Ross’s influence, French has been getting away with his musical scam.

8. Macklemore

Macklemore is probably here because I am still smarting over his win over Kendrick Lamar at the 2014 Grammy’s. But Kendrick slight or not, M.I is better than Macklemore. Macklemore is a good rapper, however, but not that great to be even compared with M.I.

Macklemore’s emergence in the industry reopened the discussion on how white entertainers have it easier than their black counterparts.

7. Travis $cott

Travis is one of the hottest new rappers on the block. But he can surely not hold one against M.I. As of now, Travis’s strengths come from his singing vocals than lyrical prowess – singing vocals that M.I has proven he equally possesses (cue in Forever).

When it comes to rap, Travis has a long way to hold his own and prove he is in M.I’s class. M.I has at least 3 classics standing for him.

6. 2 Chains

The lyrics from this guy is even more ridiculous than his stage name. A comedian, Ryan Higa, summed up 2 Chains accurately in this video where he said “all you have to do to rap like 2 Chains is to rap about blatantly obvious things”.

An example is “She got a big booty so I call her big booty”.

Another, “I’m in the kitchen, yams everywhere”.

5. Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa is a great overall artist, but when it boils down to just rap, Wiz’s legs are not healthy enough to hold him up. Wiz Khalifa’s greatest songs are usually great just on the vocal content of the hook. This is usually followed by an average rap verse.

This is not to say Wiz does not have amazing all hip hop songs, but pure rap is not his strong point and no doubt he will be murked by M.I on any day.

4. Juicy J

I am a big Juicy J fan so it pains me to say this – M.I is better than Juicy J. Juicy J with his predictable flow pattern that can be fun to listen to especially when he is being featured is not even in M.I’s class when it comes to depth, flow and lyrics.

3. Future


I am a Future fan as well, but sometimes, you have to pause and ask yourself what this drug head is saying! Future’s music ranges among the following topics – purple, alcohol and turning up his homies. I relate to some of those topics pretty well as well as a lot of youth so it is easy to dab to Future and enjoy the ride. But it gets pretty tiring.

Future’s music has no depth and little creativity. He holds no torch to M.I.

2. Meek Mill

If you overlook the L’s Meek Mill has been chopping in the last few months, you will be left with a decent rapper who maybe has a tendency to shout a little too often.

But despite his tendency to be good, he is not on the A+ level that M.I is on. Meek Mill’s rap was about gangsta stuff, then he graduated to money stuff, and now he is about I have a bad girl stuff. All this without much creativity and in a pretty predictable pattern.

1. Rick Ross

Rick Ross is a pretty good rapper, no doubt, but I strongly believe M.I. has what it takes to knock him if it should come down to lyrical blows.

When it comes down to it, Rick Ross’s lines are at best above average and even an M.I hater will agree that M.I is way above average. For a little reminder, enjoy one of M.I.’s first singles.



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  1. M.i na monster… all those rappers listed above are kids compared to father M… u. Wanna compare someone to M?? Talk abt kendrick lamar, Drake, kanye west, lil wayne… even tho they’re hardcore, M.i wud still be a hard nut to crack for ’em… and I nearly forgot to mention “Big sean”… hip hop heads in africa remain “M.i_ Jesse jagz_ mode9ine_ sarkodie_ and M.i again”… vector head sef dey there, buh he can’t stand where m.i stands. D likes of iceprince, olamide, phyno, Falz, reminisce and d rest of ’em are more of Poets dan rappers… wah dey do is called poetry not HipHop….. Oya, olodo’s, start misyarning……….!

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