10 Must-Do Things That Guarantee Awesome Quickies

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Quickies may not seem all that important as you may be wondering why you have to go through the pain of quick sex instead of saving it for later. But if you’re sure you have quite some time on your hand and you’re in the mood, you can by all means get busy and satisfy yourself and your partner.

The benefits of having quickies is that it helps to boost your mood and reduce stress. You may want to consider including some tricks which guarantee awesome quickies.

Prep Yourself
You need to get yourself riled up both physically and mentally. Once you’re sure there’s a chance of you having some before going to work, prepare for it. Get yourself thinking of erotic moves and fantasies that would ensure that your partner doesn’t have much to do.

Foreplay Is Essential
Though you sure don’t have enough time to have the desired effect and amount of foreplay, a little of it won’t hurt. You should ensure that you and your partner do just enough to set the ball rolling but not too much to waste the ample time you have.

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Stick To One Sexual Position
It’s best for you both to stick to one sexual position especially one that you both like best. This is because each time either of you draw away from the other, it increases the time it will take either of you to cross the finish line. Quickie time is no time to spice things up, it’s time to get the best sexual experience in the shortest possible time. Since it takes women a longer time to orgasm, it’s best you choose a position that makes the penis constantly hit the G spot. The best position for this which also ensures very few clothes are taken off is the doggy style.

Make Sure You’re Both In The Mood
You and your partner should be in the mood every time you want a quickie if there’s any chance of it being amazing. If one of you is not feeling up to it, the other person can tell and that’s a sure way of ruining your mood. As such, it’s best not to commit to a quickie if either of you is not in the mood. It will most likely end up being a waste of time.


This speaks more to the females. Women take longer to orgasm and will definitely require some help to achieve this with a quickie. As such, women may want to consider using their hands to give themselves self pleasure to assist orgasm and a pleasurable experience in the shortest possible time.

Pick The Right Spot
Quickies are fun and you should be all out with picking the right spot for this sexual activity. Getting your groove on in a place where both of you can easily be caught can make the experience more thrilling but may also add to the time it will take to finish because of the anxiety of being caught.

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Keep As Much Clothes As You Can On
It’s called a quickie because you don’t have all the time in the world. As you have only a few minutes to spare, who has the time to take all their clothes off? It’s best to keep as much clothes as you can on as that will give you more time and add a bit of mystery. This will also make the session hotter and memorable.


Don’t Hold Back
A quickie is not the time for you to be shy but a time to go in with full-force. You should never hold back during a quickie as doing so will only make the quickie take longer to complete which turns it to a full-blown sexual encounter.

Use Lubricants
If not for anything but for the woman’s sake, you may want to use lubricants. Most times, the time frame for a quickie is not enough for her body to fully lubricate itself and this may make the sexual encounter less desirable. It’s best to keep a water-based lubricant close by to get the best out of your quickies.

Use Your Best Tricks
If you know a trick that’s bound to drive your partner nuts and will get the activity completed in no time, go right ahead and do it! Quickies are the best time to bring up your best moves that is guaranteed to make them finish quicker which is exactly what sex at this time is about.



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