10 Essentials Every Modern Kitchen Needs

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In these social media days where technology seems to be fast-rising, we have moved from everything traditional and old skool (so to say) to something new and modern.

Today it seems that for almost every task in the home there is now an electric-powered solution.

Gone are the days where everything in our Kitchen was limited to glassware, dinnerware, soap & sponge, these days there are some modern kitchen appliances that makes chores and food prep a lot easier.

Here are ten essentials for a beautifully functioning kitchen.


food processor

Everyday mundane cooking task has been made easier with the invention of a food processor. A food processor is the next best thing in a modern Nigerian kitchen as you can use for several tasks including grating carrots & cabbage, to chop onion and pepper, peel beans for moi-moi, wash bitter leaves and lots more. Still thinking why you need a food processor??? I bet not.



Remember those days where all we had to grind our pepper was one stone against another, all thanks to technology we now have a blender to save the day.


deep fryer

A deep fryer is an appliance that started off in commercial kitchens but these days household models have been made for that modern kitchen.



If you’re the type of girl that rolls up your sleeves in the kitchen, a quality mixer will make life easier for you. There are several amazing benefits that comes with the mixer that you just want to cop one for your kitchen.



There is nothing as irritating to me as doing dishes. I could pay a thousand dollars to get help with the dishes and so don’t ask me if the invention of a dishwasher was a sun in the rainy days, because it’s a lot more than that.



A juicer is a tool for separating juice from fruits, leafy greens and other types of vegetables from its pulp. If you love all your natural raw produce, then there will be no contemplating on getting a juicer.



A grill can be used cook meat, chicken, fish,  over hot fire and every modern kitchen deserves a grill or grill pan.


can opener1

Call me lazy but I hate the struggle that comes with opening canned vegetables and that tin called tin-cutter is just a waste of precious energy. The best electric can openers are simple to operate and can handle a variety of can shapes and sizes with ease. It  helps you avoid cutting your fingers too, thus making them the safer option to have at home.



If you are a bread-lover like myself, then this should be your most-used kitchen appliance.


yam pounder1

I guess am not the only one who hates the ancient way of pounding with mortar and pestle. That used to be the easiest way to grow muscle but innovation has brought in what we now call the Yam pounder and thankfully it does the job even better.



Images: kitchenaid.ca, kitchen12.com, amazon.com, kitchenwaredirect.com, jumia.com, seriousaboutfood.eu

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