Horrific Photos Of Woman Holding A Child’s Severed Head As She Walks Through A Street In Moscow

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A nanny who is also a Jihadist and a terrorist has been arrested in Moscow, Russia, after being seen at a metro station carrying around the severed head of a little girl.

Acoording to eyewitnesses, the woman dressed in a black Burkah was shouting out ‘Allahu Akbar!’ near Oktyabrskoye Pole metro station in the Russian capital.


Police officers earlier today had found the body of a child, who was about four years-old. She was identified as Nastya M.

After murdering her, the female suspect journeyed to the metro station, where she was stopped by a local police officer. It was then she took out the girl’s severed head from her bag and started shouting that she had killed the child.



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The woman is currently being detained by police authorities.

“I am a terrorist,” shouts the woman in the video released online.




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