Wife Beats Up Her Husband For Failing To Get Her A Valentine’s Gift

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While some women wondered what it would feel like to beat beating their husbands or partners for failing to get them a Valentine’s Day gift, Kimberly Hammond, 46, is a woman of thought and action.

The Ohio-born woman beat up her husband, John Hammond, 46, with a baseball bat and knocked him out after which she hit him a few more times; cracking a few ribs as he lay unconscious.


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According to Washington County Deputies, the station received a 911 call at 11A.M regarding a domestic violence case at the couple’s Belpre township home, Sunday.

Their teenage daughter placed the call after her mother, Kimberly went mad on her husband for not getting her a Valentine’s Day gift.

The husband-beater had watched ABC’s The Walking Dead all through the night in a movie-marathon and woke up feeling zombified.

(You would understand if you watch The Walking Dead).


According to Marrieta Times, Mrs Hammond admitted to consuming eight cans of beer during her cinematic moments the night before.

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She had inflicted scratch marks on her husband’s face when the verbal argument they were having became physical, after she questioned him regarding her gift. Mr Hammond refused to go to the hospital to get checked up.

After a Breathalyser test at the Washington County jail, Kimberly’s blood showed a .221 blood alcohol level. She was released on bail on Monday.

Her charges are misdemeanor domestic  assault and felonious assault.

Next year, Mr Hammond will definitely get her a baseball bat as a Valentine’s Day gift.


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