Twitter To Simon Cowell #OhNoSimon, After Nude Bath Video Goes Viral

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As a fan of X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell should be a name to you.

Surfacing on the internet this monday is a video and several nude pictures of Simon sharing a tub-bath with male co-host David Williams.

The pictures which prompted the hashtag #OhNoSimon came few years later from a BBC spoof entertainment news show called Celebrity Bitchslap News. Created by Alison Jackson, it was part of BBC Three’s Feed My Funny exclusive online comedies.

The hashtag #OhNoSimon blew Twitter as Simon Cowell; or rather their doppelgangers got buck naked to be scrubbed down by assistants. The act of drying Simon’s back hair with a hand dryer seems to be the view everyone hates the most.

Not Simon Cowell? Yes, it is not him.

Still, it would be quite hard to convince anyone who knows what he looks like. The question is, who leaked the video today?

Read Twitter Banter:

Who leaked the video?






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