Trouble in P-Square? Peter Okoye Goes On Twitter Rant

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P-Square broke hearts in 2015 when news broke that the duo were going to break up. Now it seems once again, that there is trouble brewing in the family.

Paul Okoye tweet

Fortunately, the problem doesn’t seem to be between the two singing/dancing brothers but with their manager and elder brother, Jude Okoye.

The most vocal P-Square brother, Peter, took to Twitter to express rage at his management and said he wanted “no more family business” saying, “family business can be pain in the ass”. He then went ahead to disown his management which is headed by his brother, Jude Okoye, saying whoever does business with Jude Okoye or his Northside Entertainment outfit does so at his own peril.

According to him, the fans only care about Peter and Paul and he stands with his brother Paul, but is looking to sack his management. He follows by saying Beyoncé has done that before and so has Usher Raymond.



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