Trendy Ankara Accessories For Any Occasion

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Ankara accessories have come and gone over time; we have seen shoes, bags and jewelry. Trendy pieces have been refined and improved on. Here are some trendy Ankara pieces we want to talk about now.


From earrings to necklaces and bracelets, we absolutely love jewelry made with Ankara print. 



From straight ties to bow ties we have seen some very fashionable Ankara pieces.



Ankara belts have not totally become a norm but are gradually getting there. New in trend now are the fringe belts made with Ankara fabrics, very color and can make any outfit look great.


Hair Accessories

Hair bands made with Ankara prints are so fabulous, we also have hair pins really small hats made with Ankara.


Nail extensions

Illustrated nails now have Ankara prints and its very glamorous and trendy.


Phone cases

Ankara phone cases so in and we totally love the ones we have seen.




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