Thierry Henry Advises Arsenal: “Leave Possession For Barcelona”

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Thierry Henry advises Arsenal – Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has advised the club to abandon their favored possession if they want to stand a chance against Barcelona.

Thierry Henry advises Arsenal
Thierry Henry advises Arsenal

“They have to accept they will probably only have 30 per cent possession and must be so efficient when they do get the ball,” he wrote in his column for The Sun.

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“The whole team must defend more as a unit and the wingers must tuck in and play more in their own half. You very rarely get the chance to play against Barcelona so you must be prepared to sacrifice parts of your attacking game, home and away.

“Arsenal must be brave on the ball. They need to stay compact, play on the counter and score every time they get in their penalty area.

“They can’t be exposed in the middle and must force Barcelona to run back 60 yards before they get the ball. If you allow them to stay in your half for wave after wave, it becomes almost impossible to defend.”



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