The Best Memes As Man Utd Manager Louis Van Gaal Fakes Fall

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Louis Van Gaal fakes fall – Manchester United recorded a surprising 3-2 win over Arsenal on Sunday in their Premier League clash, and manager Louis Van Gaal was the man of the day.

Van Gaal, while complaining to fourth official Mike Dean, had flopped to the ground to demonstrate how easily Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez was falling.

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“At that time, you are a little bit too emotional,” Van Gaal said after the match. “It is not good for the referee, linesman, fourth official. But it happens not so much. Normally, I’m sitting on my bench and I have a lot of criticism for that.”

“But now I am off my bench and I am getting a lot of criticism because I am doing that. But I have apologised to the referee and linesman and everything is solved I hope. I have to control my emotions. I say that also to the players.”

It was however, meme gold for social media. See the best ones below!

Louis Van Gaal fakes fall
Louis Van Gaal fakes fall

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