Terry G Involved In Another Terrible Car Crash

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5 years ago, Terry G had a car accident when his car ran into a road demarcation around Chemiron, close to Sunday Market, in Ogba, Lagos.

Today, the singer is once again involved in another serious auto accident.

The ‘Free Madness’ singer suffered a terrible car crash at about 6 am this morning in Lagos, around the 1st and 2nd roundabout in Lekki on his way back from the club. It is reported that his new Range Rover Sport is completely totalled.

Terry G's Range Rover
Terry G’s Range Rover

His P.A., identified as Urchineke, spoke to reporters saying,

‘Yes, the accident occurred, but everyone in the vehicle is okay. Terry G didn’t drive, it was one of his boys that drove and they are fine’

He further revealed that only the driver of the vehicle suffered minor injuries, but Terry and the other two guys in the Range Rover are ok.

NET reports that they contacted Terry G’s home where the mother of his child, Mimi picked the call and corroborated what his P.A said. She said,

‘Terry G is fine. Many of our friends have called to ask about his condition, but trust me he’s very ok,’ she laughed

She added: ‘Many of our friends have called and they were very scared because the picture of his car they saw on social media is damaged beyond repair. And I have told them he’s fine. It was the guy that drove that sustained minor injuries, every other person in the car is ok. Terry G is in his room resting. He’s not in any hospital as people may think.’




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