Teenage Girl Admits Lying About Being Raped

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In a case triggering an uproar in Western-Europe, a thirteen-year-old Russian-German girl (named only as Lisa) admits to falsely creating a story about being ”kidnapped and raped by migrants”.

The case causes a rift between the Berlin Police and Russian Kremlin, according to state prosecutors.

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Lisa’s false allegation ignites protest and fury in the Kremlin.

The story aggravates after a broadcast on Russian state TV when her family’s claim her case isn’t being looked into reveal the truth about Lisa.

Reports have her missing on 11 January after failing to be present in school in the Marzalm district of the capital.

Reappearing with bodily injuries and bruises, thirty hours later, Lisa informs her parents about ”her attack” by some men of Middle Eastern or North-African appearance.

German social media users have been furious since the story hit the internet. The outrage is mainly between Berlin’s Russian-German community.

Involved in the protests  include a Russian-German community group, with support from the National Democratic party in Marzahn.

Spokesman for the state prosecutor to the case, Martin Steltner, says, ”she immediately admitted that the rape story of the rape was untrue”, after she was questioned by trained specialist three days later.

Earlier, an incident occurred in school warranting the presence of her parents. The teenager was frightful about going home, so she made up the story.

False story or not, the allegations upset the Berlin community mainly as there have been recent reports of mass sexual assaults being carried out in the community, allegedly.

Speaking on the incident during a press conference, Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, also criticized the Berlin authorities saying, “The news that she disappeared was kept secret for a very long time,”. Blaming “political correctness”.

Yesterday, her mother revealed to Der Spiegel, a German news magazine that Lisa was “doing very badly” and is receiving treatment in a psychiatric ward.

Her mobile records show she spent the night with a friend who isn’t treated as a suspect.



Source, the guardian

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