Teacher Ignores Teenage Girl’s Plea As She Is Gang Raped In School

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Six boys, between the ages of 15 and 16 have been arrested and will face charges for the ‘gang-rape’ of a 15-year-old schoolgirl several times last year.

Austria’s national paper, Kleinezeitung reports other people were involved indirectly in the sexual assault at the New Middle School in Graz, Austria.

One of them being her classroom teacher who ignored her plea for help after she was being sexually harassed by the boys in the toilet. She did not even investigate or report the child’s claims later.

The victim moved to a new school where she confessed to one of the staffs about her sexual abuse at her previous school. The staff reported the matter and investigations commenced.

360nobsaustrianrapecase  According to local media reports:

Fourteen days before the gang-rape in the medical room in May, the victim had previously been harassed by the group of boys in the toilet and she screamed for help.

When her classmates informed their teacher of was what happening, she acted indifferent and rebuked the girl for arriving late to class.

Later, that same day, the girl was raped in the classroom, with two boys guarding the door in case anyone tried to come in.

The next day, she was raped in the medical room.

The teenager who was a student at New Middle School informed her teacher of her predicament but she was dismissed and blamed for coming to class late.


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Several students who reportedly witnessed the event have also been arrested and will be charged. The arrested group of teenagers are involved for failing to take the matter to school officials when the report to their teacher yielded no action.

The suspected youths who perpetuated the rape, graduated in autumn and were a part of a notorious group in school.

They are accused of gang raping the girl in the school’s medical room in May, as well as sexually molesting the victim. The group have been charged with rape.

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Spokesman for the Graz prosecutor, Hansjörg Bacher, confirmed:

A report in the Kleine Zeitung that a female teacher from the school had been questioned as part of the investigation and said that she is believed to have known that the girl was being harassed by the boys and that she even heard her screaming as she was being raped but didn’t do anything to stop it.

Some of the questions being asked include:

Was the cries for help of the victim heard – and ignored? Did they inform the director too late about the incident?.

Five of the six sex-offenders are of African-American descent according to The Local. A total number of eighteen people have been arrested in connection to the case.



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