Swedish Liberal Youths Advocate Legalization Of Incest And Necrophilia

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A motion which supports: (a) consenting siblings over the age of 15 should be able to have sex (Incest) and (b) sex with a corpse if there is a written permission made before the person died (Necrophilia); is presently being advocated for by the Liberal Youth League in Stockholm.

The proposal which was filed at the Youth League’s annual meeting, argues that, “because it is ‘viewed as unusual and disgusting’, does not mean that the deprived sexual acts should be illegal”, Swedish national paper, Aftonbladet reports.


Cecilia Johnson, Liberal Youths President in Stockholm said:

We do not know generally about moral laws, this law protects no one right now. We are a youth organization and one of our tasks is to think one step further.

I understand that it can be considered unusual and disgusting but the law can not assume that it’s disgusting.

You should get to decide what happens to your body after you die, and if it happens to be that one wants to bequeath his body to the museum or research, or if you want to bequeath to someone to sleep with it then it should be part okay.

It takes itself even after his death.

Johnson insists the law can not assume ‘having sex with a corpse is disgusting’. She also said the Liberal youth wing was thinking for the future.

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Spokesman for the mother Liberals party, Adam Alfredsson stated:

Liberals reject Liberal Youth in Stockholm’s proposal. There should be no change in the legislation.
We think it will continue to be illegal to use a dead man’s body in such a way.

For the party, Incest is and should remain illegal.

“How do you imagine to be able to bequeath his body to necrophilia?”, Alfredsson asks.


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Mocking the Youths, Former Liberal MP Carl B Hamilton, called them ‘nitwits’, while accusing them of craving publicity over politics.

Writing on a Facebook for Liberal party members, Hamilton posted:

‘Liberal Youth of Sweden focuses on publicity, but hardly the issues that determines our, and Sweden’s future. Surely, you must understand that people are laughing at your liberalism, you nitwits?

‘And what other challenges facing society is on the top 100-list for Stockholm’s Liberal Youth? Sex with hippos?’

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You can never hear, see or read it all. When you think you have discovered the worst, there is always a buzzer waiting to buzz in something as absurd as passing a law that permits blood-related siblings to have sex and start a family; as well as permission to bequeath your corpse for sexually acts to be perpetuated on it.

Of all things these youths will advocate for. Like, why?

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