Soundcity Video Scam: Andrew Ameh Ujah Denies Shan George’s Allegations

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Andrew Ameh Ujah denies Shan George’s allegations – Following claims by actress Shan George that Andrew Ameh Ujah of Soundcity had scammed her for N100,000 without delivering, Mr. Ameh has come out to respond to the claims.

Andrew Ameh Ujah denies Shan George's allegations
Andrew Ameh Ujah denies Shan George’s allegations

In an exclusive e-mail to 360nobs, Mr. Ameh confirmed that he did receive N100,000 from the actress, but that the money was for digital PR, which he did, and not airplay on Soundcity.

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“Shan George sent me N100,000 (a hundred thousand naira) and never did we – agree – or – imply – or – ask – as payola for airplay but digital PR for the said video – which was uploaded to Youtube myself in the december of 2014. (Digital PR in this case meant speak to blogs to have the video/social media – do a search and see if I delivered),” he wrote.

He also added that she had never asked him for a refund, hence his surprise at her Instagram post. “Never at any point, even months after we had concluded the business did I get a text or call from Shan George complaining of what I did, let alone ask for a refund – which I would have gladly done.”

He added: “I need add that at no time did we speak in vernacular, let alone discuss even my job and her claim that I said: “Madam no be me say make u go shoot rubbish video for ur pikin. If u do pem, i go spoil ur pikin music career for this Nigeria o. bring 5oo thousand naira before i play the video or don’t call my fone again, we don’t get paid any salary in Soundcity so we have to do our own hustle to survive here.” 

“I saw this in 2015, and shocked me to the core. I have been in the industry for 12 years and work at CMA, parent company for Soundcity for 6 out of the 12 years in different capacity and I have never been owed salary, I get bonuses and I have had to account for cash 2/3/4 times that amount to the company. I spoke to Shan three times, met her son – Jaga once and never at anything did we get so casual to speak in vernacular.”

“As I was shocked to my core when I read what she claimed I said, i did the logical thing. I called her number and sent countless text/SMS for her account details to make a refund even reaching out to a lady who was also introduced to me as her manager only to get a response that said: ‘If she had invested the money, it would have yielded returns (paraphrased),’ re-stating all I had was her 100,000 – we didn’t do ‘investment’ business and as i write this, I never got her bank details.”

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“How I met/knew Shan George? As you might have read, A senior colleague – in fact he manages a sister channel and one time supervising producer for the Soundcity channel introduced us. If it was ever airplay on Soundcity,the question is – why would such a colleague introduce me – head of new media when his position afforded him the authority in the matter. This is in addition to the fact that the colleague introduced the video director Matt Max to Shan George to shoot the video. Again, never did Shan George pay me 100,000 for airplay on SoundcityTV.”

“The Colleague introduced me for ‘PR,’ I made my pitch but she apparently didn’t know what it was or entailed so I stuck to ‘online’ and doing anything else I could do for her after she pleaded and went into details of things I didn’t need to know – her ill mother and how she was cleaning up after her but ‘really need to do this for her son.’ I fail to understand her plan but if it now, to get a refund from me? It is past that time! She would have to first prove in court that i defrauded her then the guilty party would definitely pay, i am sure now it would be more than NGN100,000.”



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