Singer Debie Rise Accuses 800Records Of Breach Of Contract

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Debie Rise accuses 800Records – Singer Debie Rise has lashed out at former label, 800Records, saying she is no longer with the record outfit.

The drama between the label and Debie Rise had begun last year after the singer had requested that the label provide with exactly how much they had spent on her.

Debie Rise accuses 800Records
Debie Rise accuses 800Records

Shortly after her request, the label issued the singer with a repudiation of contract letter, suspending her allowance and asking her to evacuate the house which was gotten for her, as well as her social media handles.


In a statement, Debie Rise revealed that she’s no longer under contract with the label, even though the label now wants her back.

Her statement said: “By the power vested upon the signed contract, I openly declare 800Records in breach of contract because of their failure to abide by the rules that govern default and suspension and because they have exceeded the period in which a cure in their breach will be accepted.”

She added that she’d consider returning to the label, if they offered a new contract. “Since their desire for me is strong, then a fresh contract will be required, which my lawyer might consider. The former contract stands repudiated and breached!”



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