Shan George Exposes Soundcity Staff Over Video Scam

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Andrew Ameh Ujah denies Shan George's allegations

Shan George exposes Soundcity staff – Nollywood actress Shan George has called out a staff of music channel Soundcity for collecting money and not giving service.

Shan George exposes Soundcity staff
Shan George exposes Soundcity staff

The actress had paid a certain Andrew Ameh Ujah the sum of N100,000 to play the video of her son Jaga’s song, Summer Rose.

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According to Naij, Ujah had reportedly told the actress to pay more if she wanted the video played because Soundcity was owing him his salary.

Ujah allegedly told her: “Madam no be me say make u go shoot rubbish video for ur pikin. If u do pem, i go spoil ur pikin music career for this Nigeria o. bring 5oo thousand naira before i play the video or don’t call my fone again, we don’t get paid any salary in Soundcity so we have to do our own hustle to survive here.”

She posted a picture of the bank teller with which she paid the money into Ujah’s account, and captioned it: “This person Andrew Ameh Ujah alias DRO who works wit Soundcity insisted i pay him 100k before he plays a music video i was promoting. this is evidence of dat payment. he has not played dat video even once since then. wen i asked him wots up. he said my video SUMMER ROSE by JAGA. directed by MATTMAX is a rubbish video dats why he didnt play it. a video he saw and approved before asking me to pay d 100k. yet he didnt refund my money.”



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