Sex Position Of The Week: Deep Heat

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Deep Heat is all about drilling deep to get the g-spot.

She lays on the bed. Legs sprawled as she awaits him to enter her, at which she wraps around him and pulls him in. He helps her out by propping her waist with a pillow for adequate balance. deepheatFollow image for pointer.

An extremely orgasmic position, the deep heat hits the g-spot like no other sex position can.

With his penis at the entrance of her vagina, he begins by giving her vulva light brushes with its cap. Leaning forward for a kiss he grabs her breasts along the way; still teasing her vagina opening with his dickhead.

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Taking his lips off hers, his mouth roves to clamp on her breasts. Sucking, teasing, kissing and biting. Removing his penis,  he replaces it with his finger.

With his thumb and forefinger, he plays with her vulva, slipping one finger in it’s entirety as she arches her back to let him in deeper. She grabs his head as he’s still sucking on her breasts, and holds onto it.

He removes his hand and replaces it with his penis. As his entirety finds her opening, she sprawls wider and arches deeper for easier penetration. He slips in. Never taking his mouth of her breasts.

While buried deep inside her, he balances on his knee so she’s propped properly on him without needing to be held by him. This frees up both his hands, as he grabs her breasts with one, whole the other plays with her clitoris as he plunges.

He goes lower so he can hit her g-spot deeper. Pulling her into his embrace, she wraps her legs behind his back, allowing his lips find hers as they revel in each others taste. Deep plunges and wild kisses, recipe for an orgasm.

He withdraws his penis from her vagina causing her to moan louder. Replacing it with his thumb and index finger again.

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She takes the rest of his shaft into her hand, gliding down it’s entire length, feeling its wetness which was just inside her few minutes ago. The sensation of his finger throbbing in and out of where his penis had been, as well as her warm hand running through both their sex juices sends him down the path of cloud nine and he wants to make sure she goes there with him too.

He inserts back his penis, she moans louder as he slams deep into her with one kick ass thrust. Still in his embrace, he pulls her in deeper. Each thrust deeper than the last, each new sensation better than the past.

Difficulty Factor: ?? 

Erotic Factor: ????



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