Seduce Her And Get Her Into Bed With These Moves

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Seducing and getting a woman in bed is one thing a lot of men do wrong. Men have particular parts of a woman’s body they love but whether you’re a butt man or a breast man, chances are you’re ignoring the sexist part of her body which can easily help you in your seduction quest. And this part is her brain! The reason you maybe crashing and burning when it comes to seducing her might be because you’re paying attention to her physical body, not the innate one. The most important part of her body that can help you land her in bed is her mind and once you’re able to get her mind where you want it, her body will be yours to conquer.

Follow the processes below and you’d never have to bother about any seduction moves.

Play Some Music
You’ve got to have a seduction playlist that would suit the purpose of the night. You should however ensure that the songs you play don’t distract her away from the purpose of the night. The music you play should make her focus on you and her and nothing more. Music is very much less specific than smells and as such you’d want to consider playing soft music such as those of Sade Adu, Mary J. Blige and Asa. Music from people like this goes with romance and seduction which is exactly what you want. The worst she can think of this is that you’re old school but she won’t be distracted by such music. You can also try to ask her the kind of music she enjoys which can create a positive impression of you on her.

When you have a new girl or someone you intend to seduce and get in bed, the first thing is to get her attention. You however don’t want to get her attention by being too forceful or coming off like someone that’s only interested in the booty. No woman wants to be with a man that seems creepy and as such you should avoid staring too much at any of her body part. You should also avoid touching or any physical contact from the onset. “When a woman is worried you could hurt her, it’s over. So much of her enjoyment is about feeling safe.”

Create A Sexy Environment
The ambience and environment you create is essential if you up to make your seduction acts work. Women instinctively appreciate romantic atmospheres that are quiet, candle-lit and with soft playing music in the background. This kind of ambience tends to move the minds of women in the sexual direction unlike men that have little or no care for such.

Tease Her Sense Of Smell

It is important you play to her sense of smell as this will seduce her in more ways than one. The combination of fragrance and sexual pheromones both of you give off will go a long way in turning her on simply because her sense of smell is at its strongest at that point. Natural scents and good smelling incense should be considered ahead of strong colognes. It is however important you note that smelling preferences differ among women and as such, you may want to find out the kind of smell she loves. A little research can do no harm.

Humour Her
You’ve got a better chance of landing her in bed if you can make her laugh. You should however ensure that you’re laughing with her and she’s not laughing at you. Try the much you can to be yourself and if she’s into you, she’d probably be laughing at even the silliest of comments you make.

Talk About Common Things You Share
Look for common activities you’ve both participated in to talk about. Women enjoy it when you get the mood and timing for your seduction right. Bringing up sex a little too early may tank your chances of ever having it with her. Take for instance you meet her in the club, chances are you’d get her back to your place. Don’t ask her straight up to come see your bed as it looks predetermined. Simply follow her lead.

Be Confident
Confidence as opposed to being ego-driven is essential in getting her to your bed. The former says you’re comfortable with yourself while the latter is based on insecurities. Instead of bragging about the things you have or the people you know, allow the information come out without you out rightly saying it. You stand a better chance of landing her in bed if you’re humble than when you show-off. She’d love you more for being comfortable in your own skin even though having a great body will do a lot to improve your chances.



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