Ruby Gyang Makes Her Debut And It Is Love-ly

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Ruby Gyang, after a long wait by her fans has finally decided to release her first body of work – a collection of love songs titled This Is Love.

Ruby Gyang - This Is Love

The 7 track EP was released yesterday exclusively on MTN Music+, with the EP coming to other music platforms in the next few days. Ruby Gyang’s This Is Love details the different stages of love people are wont to go through in their lifetime.

From High with Naeto C which is all about the early stages of love where both parties are head over heels, to No, No, No where it is about saying no and moving on from a repentant lover, and so on, Ruby covers almost all tracks on love.

It is not just all gooey love stuff either. Beautiful with Nneka instills confidence in the self-doubting female and Good Man appreciates the amazing men which are usually overlooked in a world of increasing misandry.

Ruby Gyang - High Ruby Gyang - No No No Ruby Gyang - Shakara Ruby Gyang - Down Ruby Gyang - Good Man Ruby Gyang - Beautiful Ruby Gyang - Good Man Remix

Although this is not a review (you will have to disturb Wilfred Okiche for that), I have no fears in highly recommending this piece of work.



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