The Rich Will Have To Wait Two Years To Own A $65 Million GulfStream Jet

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Gulfstream Aerospace, makers of the Gulfstream brand jet have declared they are unable to keep up with the demand for its private flyer as the orders from the rich outweigh their ability to produce.

In light of this is a two-year wait for those who possess the capital to own the Gulf Jet and who also have the time to wait for it to be delivered.


Speaking at the Singapore Air show, Scott Neal, Gulfstream’s senior vice president of worldwide sales and marketing, said in a Bloomberg TV interview:

Pay $65 million for the G650 or G650ER personal jets, and your wait to board them could be as long as two years. The G650ER “has taken market share at the top end of the market. It’s really created a new market to itself.

The next available delivery for a new G650 or G650ER is a little over two years from now.

Savannah, Georgia-based Gulfstream is seeing such strong demand for its personal jets from corporations and chief executives that the General Dynamics Corporation unit is looking to increase production of planes in the G650 family.

Gulfstream is grabbing share from rivals with its flagship large-cabin aircraft as the market becomes more receptive to the usefulness of a private aircraft in running a business.

We have seen a real shift to people understanding that business aircraft are truly for business. Large companies and private individuals can’t do what they do without the benefit of a corporate aircraft.

Aviation Consultant, Jetsolution also reveals Southeast Asia will invoke the next rush for private aircraft, much to the benefit of Gulfstream, Textron Cessna and Embraer.

According to a 2013 forecast by aviation consultant Jetsolution International Services, five years from now, millionaires who seek new toys will get ready for a fourfold jump in Asia’s share of private jets.

As economic growth in Asia rolls out new millionaires, Asians are already on the rise to own twenty percent on the global world jet fleets by 2017 with Southeast Asia leading the pack.


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