Playboy Mansion Might Turn Into An Ultra-Exclusive Club

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Beacher’s Madhouse owner, Jeff Beacher is making an offer of ninety-million-dollars to turn Hugh Hefner’s, PlayBoy mansion into an ultra-exclusive club.

Problem is the millionaire-mogul already has his property listed at a starting price of two-hundred-million dollars. The structure which was completed in 1927, has 29 en-suite rooms.

Forbes reports the Playboy Magazine’s owner has his mansion as the ”most expensive listed” property so far. playboy-tileBeacher is well-known in the night-club industry and his intent is, to turn Hef’s place to an ”ultra-exclusive”, members only club.

The brains behind the success of Beachers Madhouse, a posh club located in Las Vegas, is drawing up the necessary documents necessary to facilitate transfer of ownership. That is, if Playboy Mansion’s owner is interested.

beachers-tileThe document will  also contain Beacher’s request to create a partnership with Playboy Enterprises to aid him retain the name “Playboy” for the hush-posh club.

Confirming his plans to spend twenty-million alone on renovations, he intends to keep the original edifice intact. His ‘plan’ will also build five bungalows for guests. The ninety-million-dollars is made up of Beacher’s twelve-million-dollars and seventy-million-dollars from partners.

He intends submitting his offer today.

Speaking on behalf of Playboy, a top executive confirms to TMZ ”Beacher’s prosposal is entertaining and worth considering; and it’s not about the price”.

Beacher’s main obstacle is zoning rules, as Holmby Hills is one of the most exclusive areas in Beverly Hills.

Obtaining variance to operate a club is possible but unlikely.


Photo Credit, TMZ

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