Pioli: Racists Fans Just A Minority

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Stefano Pioli, Lazio head coach has slammed the racist fans that allegedly threw slurs at Koulibaly in the 2-0 loss to Napoli.

Pioli, however insisted the number of fans were a few, and referee Irati stopped play for five minutes to attend to Koulibaly.

And the Lazio manager felt halting the play gave them some sort of importance.

“Discriminatory chants should not exist. People need to have values like respect and education, never forgetting them,” Pioli told Rai Sport.

“Mind you, I am not sure I would’ve stopped play, as I don’t think it helps. The chants are unjustifiable, but doing this we give a sense of importance to a tiny minority of troublemakers. It certainly wasn’t the entire stadium.

“I find it so hard to understand racist chants when we have black players in our squad.”

Napoli coach Maurizio Sarri slammed the actions of the Lazio fans.

“I have to compliment the match referee because the situation was becoming embarrassing,” Sarri told Mediaset Premium.

“The lads all felt sorry for Koulibaly. But I think he took it all in his stride because he is very intelligent, has a good head on his shoulders and was being helped by his team-mates.

“Though I do think the suspension did affect his focus.”

Napoli’s 2-0 win saw them maintain a two-point lead atop the Serie A table.



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