Pastor Is Shot Dead By His Own Brother On The Pulpit During A Church Service

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Dayton, Ohio

The Rev. William Schooler who was a pastor at St. Peter’s Missionary Baptist Church in Ohio was yesterday shot and killed on the pulpit during a Sunday church service by his own brother, Daniel Schooler.

Daniel Schooler

Daniel, it was reported, was known for randomly attacking people. In 2001 he was charged and sentenced to five years probation for felonious assault with a firearm and carrying a concealed weapon. He pleaded guilty to only one count of felonious assault. The court stated that he may be mentally ill.

In 2007, Daniel attacked a friend using a golf club. He hit him three times on the head without any form of provocation, Dayton Daily News had reported. The friend stated that Daniel had mental issues and it was not the first time he had hit him. The friend didn’t pursue charges.

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In January 2008, Daniel threw a hammer at two friends, charging at them with a six-inch knife. Schooler told the police he was being teased by them. The two men also testified that Schooler was popular for acting out and he had mental issues. They were scared he might kill them but they didn’t appear in court and the charges against Dweraniel were dropped.

Now, in this tragic incidnet that has seen the death of his brother, there was no reason cited as to why he killed him. Witnesses reported that the he was sitting in a pew and suddenly opened fire as the pastor went up to the pulpit.

“I just got everybody out of the church and we just kept hearing shooting and shooting,” said Alberta Blayth of Dayton.

The congregation fled the scene at around 12.30pm local time (6.30pm WAT).




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