#Olajumoke Makes Lookbook Debut with Layo G

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Olajumoke Orisaguna Rules The Nigerian Internet

#Olajumoke isn’t leaving the modeling scene anytime soon, she is set to feature in Layo G’s lookbook.  Layo G is a luxury brand that provides edgy, tailored clothing for modern day women.

The brand takes to Instagram to talk about their shoot and why they went with #Olajumoke.

“She represents the Layo G woman in so many ways. The strong woman who does not let obstacles thrown her way get her down, but instead hustles to overcome them. We admire strong women who are grinding everyday in their own way. Whether you are a breadseller or a supermodel, a CEO or an executive assistant we here at Layo G believe every woman is a boss.

Olajumoke absolutely slays in our Flared Collar Jacket and her natural confidence shines through. More to come from our amazing shoot!”

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