#Nollywood Movie Review Of ‘Family on Fire (Wahala Kunle)’

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Family on Fire (Wahala Kunle)

Kunle, the youngest of three brothers, is without any means of livelihood though he claims to be a businessman.  He gets involved with drug peddlers and agrees with them to courier drugs through his (Kunle’s) unsuspecting mother.  The deal goes awry and all hell is, literally, let loose.

Tade Ogidan’s classics – Hostages, Owo Blow, Out of Bounds, Diamond Ring and Playing Games – are unforgettable and irresistible.  Ogidan’s stories hook you by the throat and when you think the story is ending, another conflict is thrown in, upsetting everything once again.  Family on Fire (Wahala Kunle) also falls within this category.

It is absolutely intriguing with great characterization: even the minor characters have depth.  Saidi Balogun is convincing as the wayward Kunle, Sola Sobowale does not disappoint as usual.  However, it is the innocent looking Moyo (Felix Ologbosere) that shocks everyone beyond measure.  Unfortunately, in real life, there are people like that who just live to lavish money and show their peers that they are big boys.  Such people are averse to saving money or doing one useful thing with it.

No doubt, Mama (Lanre Hassan) spared the in raising Kunle.  She is too lenient, treating dangerous situations with levity.  Her attitude confirms a principle in Economics.  The over-protection of infant industries causes inflation.  When people fail to do the right thing, no one knows who the victims of that dereliction of duty will be.  Mama learns this lesson the hard way.

The family’s failure to speak to law enforcement agents or hand over Kunle’s drugs over to him in time results in untold chaos; it is always good to look for the black goat in the afternoon because when night comes, it will certainly be more difficult to find it.

There are some inconsistencies in Family on Fire (Wahala Kunle).  Segun Arinze’s character has an accent that is fake to the core.  How possible is it to leave a corpse in a house inhabited by people for more than twenty four hours without embalmment?

Tade Ogidan, the master storyteller, numbs his viewers with Family on Fire, a riveting flick hinged on the dangers of ineffective parenting and the danger it poses to the child, his family and the society.  Buy the film, which is now on VCD, and be thorough entertained.

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