Gojko Lojpur Memoirs: My New Film Collaboration With Mosaic Entertainment

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Mosaic Entertainment (www.mosaicentertainment.net) was founded by Marcello Thedford. They are an international Multi-Media production company working in television, film and reality TV.

I am excited to begin rehearsals and I’ll start filming this month in LA.


Due to the NDA I am not able to share a lot of details just yet. I promise to update you all about our wonderful Journey soon as I am allowed.

What I can tell you is that I met some wonderful and very talented people that are making movies that are very intelligent, creative and most important FUN!!!


Our collaboration will begin at the end of January 2016. Soon as I returned from my trip to Phoenix, AZ I went on a audition held by Cynthia McQue, a very positive, and smart lady that was a casting director for this particular movie . She is also an Associate Producer.

You are probably wondering if you will be able to see this movie in your country. Unfortunately I don’t have information to this question , however soon as I know more I will update you!!

Gojko Lojpur

Gojko Lojpur

Multi-talented male model, actor and singer.


  1. Gojko I am your biggest fan. Keep killing it. You are so sexy and talented, you will go so far. Remember all the little people after you become a big star

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