“You Must Serve Your Time In A Male Prison”, Russian Judge Tells Transgender Woman

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25-year-old Alina Davis who is a pre-operational transgender woman though she is still physically a man (legally and possessing a penis) is currently serving out her time in an all male prison, much to her dismay.

Born, Dmitry Kozhukhov, the Russian transgender is forced to spend her time behind bars in an all male prison after been arrested and sentenced to two-months jail time for driving with a fake licence.


Alina who found her complaints fall on deaf ear was rejected on the basis of her ‘still owning a penis’ as well as still being registered by the Russian government as a man.

Her alternate request to have a single cell while serving out her time was also rejected as the prison service claims ‘it does not have any single cells’.

Davis is presently sharing a jail cell with four other male prisoners in the city of Egorievsk in western Russia’s Moscow region.


A police spokesman said:

“Kozhukov aka Davis is a man according to his documents and as a result he was sent to a male prison.”

Davis was not sent to an all male prison because she was physically male, the reason she was sent to an all-male prison was because;

Earlier this year she was arrested with amphetamines in Moscow and the police ‘decided not to keep her in custody because they could not work out which type of cell to give her, but now after the second offence of driving without a license, they have acted and told her she will go to a male prison’.

After her two-month jail time for DWAL, she will remain in custody as she awaits trial for possession of amphetamines.

Last year, Alina Davis married Allison Brooks and they both wore floor-length gowns for their wedding which was tagged ‘two-bride’.

Although Russia has issued a ban on same-sex marriage, officials reluctantly wed the couple because Davis was a man.

Davis used the ‘I am a man’ trick to escape being arrested for gay-marriage last year, this year he is screaming ‘I am a woman’ to get out off all-male prison but the judges are not buying it.

They insist ‘You must serve your time in male prison’.

Alina needs to pick a side.


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Wendiva Blaze

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  1. “Alina needs to pick a side.”

    Or, Russia needs to join the 21st century and allow same-sex unions and maybe not force people who look like pretty young women to go into prisons. (Not know for treating even feminine looking men very well, let alone someone who’s transitioning to be female.)

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