Movie Review: Diary Of A Lagos Girl Review

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Diary of a Lagos Girl review. Disclaimer: This post contains a few spoilers. Just saying.

Diary of a Lagos Girl review.
Diary of a Lagos Girl review.

Movie Facts

Title: Diary Of A Lagos Girl

Released: February 5th, 2016

Major cast: Dolapo Oni, OC Ukeje, Alexx Ekubo and Linda Ejiofor.

Director: Jumoke Olatunde

Genre: Romantic comedy

Movie Plot

Diary of a Lagos Girl follows Bim (Dolapo Oni),a materialistic, single Lagos girl in search of Mr Right. Her ideal guy must drive a Range Rover, live in a gated community, possess a cutting edge fashion sense, come from an influential family, handsome, funny, be born again, wealthy among other things. She meets Ife (Alexx Ekubo) and Timi (OC Ukeje) who teach her valuable lessons regarding the truth about love and the weightier matters of life.

Now, onto the review

Extremely cliche Nollywood love story

From the very moment Bim meets both Ife and Timi, it’s big-breasts-in-your-face obvious who she’s going to end up with. Nollywood, I want to beg you in the name of God, Allah, Buddha, Sango, the old gods and the new gods, please retire this “Girl meets one rich and one broke guy, chooses the rich guy who shows he’s a jerk then she realizes her mistake and goes back to broke guy” storyline. Abeg. Please. It is okay.

First class acting

Diary of A Lagos Girl saw magnificent acting all around, from the main acts to even those with cameo roles. Dolapo Oni showed her skill as she switched effortlessly between actress and narrator. OC Ukeje also showed he could be versatile as well, playing the poorer guy after doing a great job playing the richer guy in When Love Happens. And he did a great job around it. Also, look out for the Yoruba woman giving a testimony. Hilarious stuff.

Very important/serious plot

The movie’s plot deals with the hustle to get married and be someone’s “wife” in most Nigerian girls, and how being desperate to get married will put you in more wahala than you could imagine. A great watch for girls who believe marriage is everything. (I don’t really think it’s a great watch for such girls because Bim still got married in the end LOL).  You might pick up some life pointers.

Favorite Quotes

Bim: “In Warri them no dey carry last, but in Lagos it’s all about carrying first.”

Timi: “My people have a saying: “Na dead body dey attract fly.”


Nice film. You might already know how the film ends, but the journey to the end is a funny one. Not a bad idea for an evening watch.

360Meter rating: 200°

Watch the movie trailer below!

Diary of A Lagos Girl is showing at Film House cinemas, Genesis Deluxe Cinemas, Ozone cinemas and Silverbird Cinemas.



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  1. Please if you are going to review a movie then make sure you pay attention to the dialogue. Am not a movie reviewer but I know for a fact that Oc was not poor in the movie, there was a scene where he told her that he worked in World bank, he schooled in the UK and another scene where Alex came to borrow money from him. In the movie, he is a guy that has money but does not have to flaunt it cos he is down to earth. So you need to either watch the movie again or edit your review. Thanks. By the way, I enjoyed every bit of the movie.

  2. You say it’s an extremely cliche nollywood love story cos Alex was the rich guy and Oc was the poor guy but you got it so wrong. In the movie Alex is the typical Lagos boy that doesn’t have so much but wants you to believe he’s got so much and Oc is the level headed down to earth guy that has a lot but doesn’t need to throw his wealth in your face. Guy you definitely need to watch the movie again to understand better. Don’t review a movie until you are sure you understand the movie. In all, a very nice nollywood movie

  3. I just think the boy meets girl thing is not a Nollywood cliche (Let’s be honest in almost every Hollywood romantic comedy you know who the girl is going to end up with.) it’s more about how that happens. They don’t even try too hard to deviate and put a twist. In Nollywood we keep expecting a different story when books like save the cat first tells you there are no new stories to be told. Nollywood just needs to focus on the execution because that’s what set movies apart.

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