Miracle Baby Presumed Dead Resurrects Just Before Burial

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It was an emotional roller-coaster for a Chinese couple when their baby boy who died shortly after he was born showed signs of life just as he was about to be cremated, local TV in Zhejiang reported.

Chinese baby presumed dead resurrects in mortuary
Photo unconnected to incident: Chinese baby presumed dead resurrects in mortuary

The newborn arrived two months early and was sent home with his new parents in mid-January. But after just two days of being home, the new family was back at the hospital because he showed discoloration, according to New York Post.

It was gathered that his health rapidly deteriorated and eventually his heart stopped beating.

The baby boy was wrapped in a blanket and stored in a morgue at a temperature of about -12 degrees Celsius (10.4 F) for not up to 15 hours, as Hospital officials declared the child clinically dead.

However, workers at the crematorium in Pan’an in the eastern province of Zhejiang were shocked when they heard a baby’s screams coming from the ice-cold room, while they were preparing to cremate the baby on Friday, February 5, 2016.

After finding the child alive, the crematorium notified his father and the baby was taken to a hospital intensive care unit.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen this. It’s a true miracle,” said a doctor at the Pan’an hospital where the infant was born prematurely in January, 2016.



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