Milan Fashion Week AW 2016: Fausto Puglisi

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Fausto Puglisi also showcased his Autumn/Winter 2016 RTW collection on the first day or Milan Fashion Week and it was such an impressive presentation.

From tiny mini dresses with plunging necklines, varsity jackets, button-down shirts, kicky A-line skirts, sporty bomber jackets and short-hemmed dresses, the collection is an interesting combination of looks that’s perfect for an everyday situation.

The designers favorite motif- a palm tree- was emblazoned onto flared skirts, graphic tees and dresses. The color-blocking of white, grey, blue, pretty plum and black makes for fashionable treats and appeals to our senses.

Check out the entire collection below;

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs1

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs2

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs3

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs4

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs5

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs6

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs7

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs8

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs9

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs10

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs11

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs12

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs13

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs14

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs15

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs16

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs17

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs18

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs19

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs20

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs21

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs22

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs23

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs24

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs25

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs26

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs27

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs28

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs29

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs30

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs31

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs32

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs33

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs34

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs35

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs36

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs37

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs38

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs39

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs40

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs41

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs42

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs43

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs44

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs45

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs46

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs47

MFW16_Fausto Puglisi_360nobs48







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