Men’s Health Thursday: A Vagina Tastes Like This

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Men have had conflicting opinions regarding the taste and smell of the female vagina. This is mostly because a lot of factors can determine how and what your girlfriend’s vagina tastes like. As a result of the different tastes a vagina can have, we decided to dig dip and brink to you the different types of vagina tastes.

There’s a particular taste that can’t be placed and it can be said to taste like anything that has no taste such as air or water. Men have observed this taste in women that are neat freaks and say it may be because they wash off their vaginas to a point of sterility.

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Salty Beach Taste

The vagina of some women have been said to taste the exact same way your mouth feels when you’re at the beach. That taste is usually a pleasant mixture of sand and salt with the added feeling of the marine environment.

Some vaginas have a meaty taste. The taste may range from beef to mutton to ham. This meaty taste may also be as a result of the type of meat she has consumed. Men who say their women’s vagina tastes this way usually say it’s as if their partners just took some meat out of their vaginas, while others say they can catch the taste of fruits such as pineapples alongside the meaty taste.

Sweet Wine
A lot of men have described the taste of vagina as being similar to that of a fruit wine. Some have even said the taste is very much akin to that of a sweet, rich red wine that has been left to ferment in wooden drums for a couple of years.

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Ice Cream
Some men have reported their women’s vagina tasting like is cream flavours. The common ones that have been talked about is the strawberry or vanilla taste. This taste may be as a result of her food consumption which may be made up of a bit of berries.


Perhaps due to the poor toilet training some girls have, their vagina may smell a lot like feacal matter. Women that wipe from back to front have a high chance of having their vagina taste this way.

Some vaginas have the taste of sweat which is basically a mixture of oil and salty fluids excreted from the skin. Men describe the taste as one that’s not too endearing but something that they can’t complain about either.

In the real sense, the smell of fish is one of the least erotic scent except when it’s the smell of good fish and it’s coming off the vagina. Perhaps there are some types of pheromones that make the vagina edible and palatable which doesn’t make the smell that comes off the vagina repulsive but endearing. Fish smell could also mean a vaginal infection.

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Some women have a weird citrus taste in their vagina which usually comes off like tangerines. Men have described this taste as a sweet one that gets them coming back for more.

Fruit Mix
Men will surely find this endearing because of the nice taste some men have described some women vagina to taste like. It has been likened to the smell that comes off a bucket filled with different types of fruits. Others have described the taste as that of oranges that have fermented but in all, the taste is a pleasant one without any specific kind of fruit taste.

The truth is that every vagina tastes unique and different from the next. Also, whatever a woman consumes affect both smell and taste.



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