Men’s Health Thursday: How To Make Her Give You Head And Enjoy It

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Getting head, or in broader terms receiving blowjobs is one thing most men love to receive but find it difficult to convince their partners to give them. The truth is a lot of women are not in the least bothered about giving their men head as they see it as a painful chore that doesn’t give much back to them.

There are however a couple of things that you can learn about women and the possibilities of getting your woman to enjoy the blowjob process. What we mean by this is that you can get your woman to give you head every time you’d love to get one and the precise way you want the process to go.

You Give What You Get
If you’re interested in getting head from her every single time you want it, you’d have to give her head as well. Simple as that! A woman that doesn’t want to give you a blowjob is probably bored with having sex with you. As such, if you want her to enjoy giving you a blowjob, you have to bring some incredible form of pleasure to the table.
By giving her immense sexual satisfaction, she naturally becomes attuned to pleasing you. Consider giving your woman intense clitoral and vagina orgasms. You can do this with the aid of your tongue and fingers during the intercourse process. This alone is usually enough to give her an uncontrollable desire to please and pleasure you in return.

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Encourage Her While You Get Your Head
Now you’ve got her convinced to give you head on a regular basis, the next thing to do is to encourage her to have the activity you love sustained. This process is not too tasking but a lot of men make the mistake of sitting back quiet during the blowjob process which is not what women desire. The thing to do here is to make her know you’re enjoying what she’s doing and you appreciate her for it.
Words like “Oh baby, that feels so good” or “you’re so sweet at this” sends a message across to her that she’s going about it the right way. Saying things like these will encourage her to want to give you head on a regular basis.

Teach Her To Blow You The Way You Want
Men tend to make the mistake that women naturally come with the innate ability to give bomb head. Not all women are like this, unfortunately, and some of them require training.

You must however take caution when you train her to give you head. This is because a lot of men follow the blunt approach of muttering out verbatim what they want their women to do. This can cause them to lose confidence and inadvertently lead to them not wanting to give you head.

A good technique that can be adopted is to compliment her and direct her to perform the act the way you want. For instance, if she’s giving you head the wrong way and there’s very little pressure coming off from her mouth, you can simply go ahead and tell her “God that feels so good” and follow it up immediately with “Go a little harder baby”. This would surely do the magic as the first statement helps to reassure her that she’s putting in effort which you appreciate. By adding the second statement, you are guiding and telling her exactly what you want and with the encouragement you’ve given her, she will be quite glad to do exactly what you want.


The best way to get a woman to give you head and have her enjoy it is by pleasuring her well enough, encouraging her during the process of giving you head and complimenting and directing her as appropriate. Doing this will definitely make her happy and you, satisfied. It’s a win-win situation for you and your partner.



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