Meet The Woman Who Lifts Objects With Her Vagina

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Vaginal Weightlifting.

Kim Anami is an expert in strengthening her pelvic floor and an intimacy coach in LA. Her vagina can lift a surf-board. The technique she has used to achieve this feat is called, Vaginal Kung Fu and she’s teaching this art to other women. She believes it makes a woman look healthier and younger.

Her vagina records coconuts as one of the objects she can lift. Thinking about the dangers is far from her mind as the benefits include the development of strong pelvic muscle, helping with depression, clearer skin, sex and also after child birth.

The 44-year-old holds the objects by tying apiece of string to a jade egg then inserts into her vagina attached to the object she will be lifting. Once in, her vagina muscle is all she uses to keep it steady. Some super-strong muscle to hold a surf board.

Doctors speaking on the issue also back the idea of strengthening the vagina via vaginal weightlifting or vagina king fu, as something that’s socially enlightening since the benefits are awesome.

Kim has travelled the world taking pictures while lifting objects relative to where she’s visiting. She says

”the practice creates an overall lift in the body – even a facelift. I have had clients stop using Botox because they took up vaginal weightlifting. Overall, a woman becomes more connected to her sexual energy in a way that is tangible.I feel more enlivened and confident. Even depression can be eradicated by becoming more connected with your sexuality.’ I aim to lift objects that have an educational component to them and are part of an overall healthy lifestyle.”


Kim began to master the art of vagina kung fu twenty-years ago. Self awareness to her sexual energy and an interest on how to make her sex life better is her motivation. The method she uses is based on ”an ancient practice Taoist women used 5,000 years ago to strengthen the pelvic floor and increase sexual pleasure.”

With over thirty-five-thousand followers on Instagram, Anami shares snaps of herself doing artful stunts using her vagina. To the interest of her followers she already has people signing for classes where she tutors them on vaginal weightlifting.

‘Overall, I want women to know what their vaginas can actually do. My assertion is that the normal, healthy baseline for every woman is to be able to ping pong balls from her vagina. It’s not just a skill set reserved for some special Thai vaginas.’

The benefits of the unconventional practice Kim believes to include, ‘Having a strong pelvic floor and vaginal muscles helps with everything from increasing libido, orgasmic potential and lubrication, eliminating incontinence, and preventing pelvic organ prolapse, especially after childbirth.


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