#MakeYourMove: Friend To Flame In 5 Easy Steps

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Valentine’s Day – a time rife with expectations and a desire to get closer than ever before, a day when no one wants to be alone. Have someone in mind to spend the day with? Now is the time to #MakeYourMove – in five easy steps.

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  1. Fake it till you make it

We know, sometimes your nerves can get the better of you, especially when you need to muster up your courage to ask someone out. But there’s a quick way to get over your fear of rejection – adopt confident body language. You may not be feeling it, but just physically acting more confident can improve your real confidence – upping your attraction factor and increasing your chances of getting lucky!


  1. Bold is the new black

Make the first move by calling him/her. Or take over the stage at the bar to announce your feelings for that person you’ve been attracted to for the longest time. Even better, trade your cheesy pick-up lines with a sincere “Hello, I’d like to get to know you better”.


Cue your go-to wingman, Closeup! Stay even closer for longer with fresh breath lasting for up to 12 hours with Closeup toothpaste. You never have to worry about maintaining your A-game ever again! So go on, just do it – and watch amazing things unfold.


  1. Be an exhibitionist

We mean revealing your strengths! Nobody’s perfect, but quit doubting yourself. It’s just going to make you lose your game. You know what you’re good at and there’s nothing more than showing pride in the things you know you could rock. Level up your game and show him/her what they’re missing out on!



  1. Do something that scares you

Want to get closer to that cutie you’ve been eyeing? You gotta risk rejection! Go on that blind date your friend has been itching to set you up on. Ask that cute girl out for coffee. Take that intimidating hip-hop dance class that hot guy teaches. Who knows? You might get a “Yes, let’s hang out.” Achievement unlocked!


  1. Say yes to new things

They don’t call it the comfort zone for nothing. When you don’t try new things, life can get pretty boring, and that includes the dating game. That is why you need to SAY YES if you want to get closer to him/her. Start saying yes now – to that party where you know almost no one, to taking that last-minute road trip with your friend and his colleague, to making the first move to talk to that cute girl at the coffee shop. Sparks may just fly.


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