#LFW AW16: Mary Katrantzou

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London based luxury brand Mary Katrantzou showcased it’s AW16 collection on the third day of London Fashion Week 2016 and it certainly lived up to it’s reputation.

Time-travelling back to the fashionable ’50s America, they showcased a collection which comprised of leather blouses, pencil skirts, sheer pleated maxi skirts, collared shirt dresses,  boxy squared jackets and slimming caban coats.

Mary’s signature wild prints took the form of glittering red hearts, crystals, silk coloured flames, angel wings and bright butterflies adorning cowboy shirts, leather skirts, and pretty lace dresses.

Check out all the looks from this collection below;

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs1

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs2

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs3

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs4

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs5

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs6

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs7

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs8

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs9

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs10

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs11

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs12

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs13

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs14

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs15

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs16

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs17

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs18

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs19

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs20

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs21

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs22

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs23

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs24

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs25

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs26

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs27

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs28

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs29

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs30

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs31

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs32

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs33

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs34

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs35

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs36

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs37

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs38

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs39

LFW16_Mary Katrantzou_360nobs40





Images: vogue.com

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