Lampard Will Bring Terry To The MLS

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Frank Lampard has joked about paying for Terry’s plane ticket to join the MLS, if Chelsea fail to offer him a renewal.

The veteran defender has not been offered a contract renewal by the club, with his contract expiring this season.

And Lampard intends to bring Terry to the MLS, if Chelsea don’t offer him a new contract.

“He’s the best defender I ever played with, quite comfortably,” Lampard told ShortList Magazine. “So if Chelsea let him go and John’s sitting there, I’ll get his plane ticket and get him over here.”

He added: “I would like to see them offer it [a new contract]. I think it’s obvious John wants it and I think he can still stay at Chelsea.”

Lampard does not think Terry’s advancing years have effected his performances this season or made him any less of an asset to

He said: “Of course I’m friends with John, but purely from a football perspective and from what he’s done on the pitch, and as a starting player in all their big and important games when he’s started them this season, I think he’s been their best defender this year.”



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