#LabaLaba: FemyToys’ Spring/Summer 2016 Artsy Menswear Collection

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Nigerian menswear label FemyToys under the creative direction of Femi Adeyemi has released its seasonal collection with an infusion womenswear. FemyToys plays with different shapes and silhouette drawing inspiration from the seemingly androgynous beauty portrayed by butterflies ‘labalaba’ in the literal and figurative sense.

The label has created a range of ready-to-wear that is both commercial and artsy all together with a lot of zips as fasteners rather than buttons, cape like sleeves for men, an alternative take on traditional menswear ‘danshiki’ and a play of butterfly motifs in black & white and floral patterned shirts reminiscent of Burberry’s menswear spring/summer 2016 collection. Colours are a mix of brights and darks with a mix of patterns in barcode like formats. Styleinfidel, keeps you fashionable entertained with a fun styling approach modelled by one of the best in the business, Victor Kwen.

Definitely a fun collection by FemyToys. For more details of where to purchase, check out the link details below.  Enjoy.

FemyToys_Labalaba 2016_01_360nobs FemyToys_Labalaba 2016_02_360nobs FemyToys_Labalaba 2016_03_360nobs FemyToys_Labalaba 2016_04_360nobs FemyToys_Labalaba 2016_05_360nobs FemyToys_Labalaba 2016_06_360nobs FemyToys_Labalaba 2016_07_360nobs FemyToys_Labalaba 2016_08_360nobs FemyToys_Labalaba 2016_09_360nobs FemyToys_Labalaba 2016_10_360nobs FemyToys_Labalaba 2016_11_360nobs FemyToys_Labalaba 2016_12_360nobs FemmyToys_Labalaba 2016_13_360nobs FemmyToys_Labalaba 2016_14_360nobs FemmyToys_Labalaba 2016_15_360nobs FemmyToys_Labalaba 2016_16_360nobs FemyToys_Labalaba 2016_17_360nobs FemmyToys_Labalaba 2016_18_360nobs FemyToys_Labalaba 2016_19_360nobs FemyToys_Labalaba 2016_20_360nobs FemyToys_Labalaba 2016_21_360nobs FemyToys_Labalaba 2016_22_360nobs FemyToys_Labalaba 2016_23_360nobs

CREDITS: Designer: Femi Adeyemi. @femytoys | Photographer: @tope_horpload | Styling and Creative Direction: @thestyleinfidel | Styling Assistants: @samuelnoon @tomewah | Makeup: @beautybybellamere | Models: @mannikwen @thelopral

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